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Свидетель Заноса
Проблемы с доступом
13 Ноя 2015
Краткая пред история:у меня провайдер(локальный) блокирует все,поэтому по умолчанию стоит расширение zenmate и из-за этого(блять я в ахере) у меня стало 2 аккаунта русский и немецкий.

Full Name: Ivan Lu
Your Question: Good evening I have auto-login and password incorrect again and account blocked
Staff: Nikolaus A
16:32 Your Question: Good evening I have auto-login and password incorrect again and account blocked

16:32 Please wait, an operator will be with you shortly.
16:32 You are now chatting with Nikolaus A (Customer Service) - English
16:32 Ivan Lugovskoi: As requested, we have reset your password as indicated below.
16:33 Ivan Lugovskoi: Does not work
16:33 Ivan Lugovskoi: sorry translate
16:34 Nikolaus A: Hi Ivan, I can see your question. One moment please.
16:37 Nikolaus A: You had 2 accounts which is against our terms of conditions.
16:38 Ivan Lugovskoi: Yesterday I opened an account
16:39 Nikolaus A: I can see that you account was blocked due to a login attempt from another country, are you traveling?
16:41 Ivan Lugovskoi: No, I'm from Russia and your support said that they are Russians
16:41 Ivan Lugovskoi: We have a block and I use zenmate
16:42 Nikolaus A: Do you know if Zenmate uses a proxy / vpn program?
16:44 Ivan Lugovskoi: To get to your site at zenmate put Germany
16:44 Ivan Lugovskoi: So all Russians do
16:45 Nikolaus A: One moment please.
16:49 Nikolaus A: The webb browsers that we recomend players when they play at our site is Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. I am not familiar with the webb browser Zenmate, maybe it has a proxy / vpn program running.
16:49 Nikolaus A: What happens when you try to use Google Chrome or Internet Explorer?
16:52 Ivan Lugovskoi: Уважаемый абонент!

Доступ к запрашиваемому Вами Интернет-ресурсу ограничен в соответствии с требованиями РОСКОМНАДЗОРа.
16:52 Ivan Lugovskoi: Chrom
16:53 Ivan Lugovskoi: Dear subscriber! You have access to the requested Internet resource is restricted in accordance with the requirements of Roscom.
16:54 Ivan Lugovskoi: This is my provider
16:57 Ivan Lugovskoi: I have zenmate enabled by default
16:59 Ivan Lugovskoi: Nikolaus A?
16:59 Nikolaus A: Yes Ivan, have you tried Internet Explorer?
17:01 Ivan Lugovskoi: Frequently it is inconvenient for me
17:01 Nikolaus A: Your account is now activated. Please use another webb browser, otherwise there is a chance that you will be blocked again
17:03 Ivan Lugovskoi: Great support thanx
17:03 Ivan Lugovskoi: Gl
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